Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Is What Makes It All Worth It




Push and Pull

From above

We are The ORDER of CHAOS - V-max, Nat, Coxy.


 After only four hours sleep and we are ready to rock and roll. This. Is. It. The Big Moment. The culmination of 3 months of blood, sweat and tears.
Three cars. Three trailers. Three team members. 5000 hinges.

V-Max and Powerade - Waiting to get in to the site.
And up she goes!
Up, up and up!

Men's work.
We had one hour to put this baby up after being let in an hour and a half later then our set time (unfortunately!). Our awesome volunteers/slaves worked so tirelessly for us. Big ups to you guys!
By the time it was pieced together there was at least 200 people queued outside to come into the event. Stress!!

Final Countdown

Out of our team of three, we had two birthdays in the week before the event. These were celebrated with a couple of awesome 'Hinging Parties,' loads of chocolate, a little bit of vodka and a few very sleep deprived nights.We were racing against the clock - testing, trialling, tweaking and still laser-cutting - to get it all done!
Scaffolding guys and our first test

4.5 metres. Whoa!
The response from our health and safety plan resulted in us deciding to drop the height of the scaffolding down to 3.5 metres. This would bring the total height of the tower down to around 5 metres, after the addition of the top section on top.

Boxes, boxes, boxes. These will stack to form the top section of our tower. They are formed from the inverted cut-out of the plated sections.

One sleep to go, waaaay too many hinges to still do and with magnets yet to attach we ran a second testing.

A couple of helpers - Coxy's Dad and Vinnie's bro.
Note: the cool light patterns.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Order? No. Chaos? YES!

We are now eight sleeps away from the final exhinition and production is in full swing. Talk about epic! The laser cutter was out of action for a week so we are frantically trying to reclaim back that time. We have called on anyone who is keen to help to lend us a hand with hinging the whole skin together. So if anyone would like to join us for a 'Hinging Partu' over the next week you are more then welcome! Here are some images of production so far.
Laser Cutting
Cut sheets

Putting it all together
The Finished Product!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Construction of Tower

We are getting closer and closer to the event - it is the FINAL COUNTDOWN. We have been nutting out the final construction details of how the skin is going to be constructed. We are joing our segments of card with hinges. These hinges will be attached using cable ties  so as to be able to completely break the skin back down into its original components after use. So with approximately 120 square metres of skin needed, thats around 4000 hinges and 8000 cable ties!

We have also been developing the arrangement of magnets in the glove. There will be eight 10mm diameter magnets arranged in each glove. One in each finger tip and three across the palm. These are the key sensory areas in a persons hand and this arrangment will also allow children with small hands, right up to adults with large hands to use the glove.
The top section of our tower is going to be constrcuted from the off-cuts of the plates we are cutting from our skin. It is effectively the net-cut of our pattern. These are going to be shaped into boxes which will be stacked to reach the required height of 8m.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Light Study

As part of the exhibition event on October 16th we will be lighting our tower. We have kindly been supplied with state-of-the-art LED spotlight by a generous sponsor for the evening. These coloured lights will morph and shift over time. The idea is that they are attached to the internal framework so shine outwards, lighting the pattern of the skin.