Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Early Physical Models

Generative architecture is hard to define but is a design only made possible by the computer power and technology of today. This technology allows for discrete units to be arranged by parameters which are created and crafted by the designer to create complex structures. This technology allows the designer to create structures that the human intellect by itself could not create. Here are some early physical models we made to explore the generative potential of some naturally inspired forms:

The bird's nest was the inspiration for this model and you can see the seemingly chaotic model is actually made up of specific units arranged in a constant way, connected to a certain point and set at a certain angle to its connector.

These models explore the nature of the Honeycomb structure which has been a popular inspiration in parametric design. The paper materiality allows us to play around the models form by stretching, compressing and generally distorting it.

Another exploration branched from the honeycomb structure. It's geometric structure seems to support itself.

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